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Legends of Kiamada

Legends of Kiamada   is my first fantasy series.  At the moment, the plan is for the first story arc to take place over three books.  Naturally, plans can change.  (Originally, this was a standalone novel, but it got too big to contain in one book!) 

The first book, The Lost Tayamu, is now available on Amazon Unlimited; you can read the summary below.  The second book, The Uncrowned Queen, is currently being written.  

The cover for the book, and my website banner, were both done by  Highly recommend them!

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At 16 years old, Jen stumbled out of the forest and into the woods that fringe the small midwestern town of Groverton, remembering nothing about her life except her first name and age. She was soon adopted by the Aston family, whose young daughter Ellie was thrilled to get a sibling. 

Now, twelve years later, Jen is living a good life as a news anchor, raising Ellie after their parents were killed in a house fire. Jen still can’t remember her past, but that doesn’t really bother her, since she and Ellie are in a good place now. 

Things suddenly change when Jen barely escapes three attempts on her life, leaving the sisters shaken and afraid. Jen owes her life to the secretive new PE teacher, Coach Doyle, who has miraculously appeared to save her every time. Doyle has fighting skills fit for a martial arts movie and reflexes just this side of impossible, but how long can he keep them safe? And why does Jen feel like she should know him?

While Jen starts to fall in love with the charming Doyle, Ellie is shocked when she discovers something otherworldly in the coach’s barn, convincing her that Doyle is definitely not a PE teacher. Ellie does not like secrets being kept from her, and is determined to unravel the enigma that is Coach Doyle. The truths that will be revealed, however, will change all their lives forever…and just might help save the magical land of Kiamada.

© 2018 by Ben Cass. All Rights Reserved.