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First review of “The Lost Tayamu”!

My first review as a published author!  (from Amazon)


“THEONUS!! Theonus, Theonus, Theonus – just saying – my heart was stolen by Theonus…and Doyle. And Jen. And sassy Ellie. The Lost Tayamu was full of intrigue and magic and THEONUS! Jen was sixteen when she stumbled out of a forest with no memory of who she was, where she came from or what had happened to her. Adopted, she grew up with her sister Ellie, raising Ellie when their parents died. Years later, she’s a news anchor on the local TV Station of Groverton and someone is trying to kill her.

I loved this story. It was a great read, so many mysteries to unravel, the quips from Doyle who had me laughing out loud, and sassy Ellie. The brewing romance between Coach Doyle and Jen was fabulous, and all the things I got to learn about the Tayamu and Kiamada too. And Theonus. And after meeting Theonus, the only thing I want are little Wilers and I’m hoping I’m going to get them in the next book.”

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